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Embedded Automation Computer

In many cases, when a customer seeks computer embedded automation to use their application, there are so many options available that it is difficult to decide which one is the best. When this happens, most end users will involve someone like PT. Advantech International which is Selling Embedded Automation Computer to help choose a hardware solution that will surpass their specification requirements. We offer embedded automation computer embedded complete with rugged and cordless design, including fanless box PC, industrial control device. With its compact and multiple IOs, various expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, each embedded automation platform is suitable for a variety of automation applications in a variety of environments.

Factory Automation, as the name implies, refers to industrial process automation. This can be understood as an umbrella term for automation of design, manufacturing and process monitoring and engineering, across the entire industry spectrum, be it mechanical, civil, defense, medical, retail or home automation, to name just a few. Automation has shaped our perception of these industries, and thus defines the relationship of PT. Advantech International who Sell Computer Factory Automation with them.