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Point Of Sale Solution is where your customers make payments for goods or services purchased from your company. PT. Advantech International Selling Point Of Sale Solution is best affordable and easy to use, and does more than just process sales and receive payments, because it includes a time-saving feature that helps you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff and customers. The best system also includes or has integration for email marketing, programs, and other capabilities that make it easier to run and grow your business.

Point Of Sale Solution is a combination of software and hardware that allows traders to take transactions and simplify daily business operations. PT. Advantech International Selling Point of Sale Solution best helps businesses increase revenue, adjust their experience to meet customer needs and improve operational efficiency. The impact on business can be drastic. In our study, we have seen several companies have experienced:

- 20% increase in revenue by giving companies access to
  Online ordering and gift card programs, and allow faster
  customer throughput.
- 30% reduction in working hours by tracking labor costs.
- 4% savings in annual sales by analyzing inventory and
  sales trends to reduce theft.
- 10x more loyal customers by offering loyalty to
  attract customers to return.

Point Of Sale Solution does more than offer flexibility when processing daily transactions. POS increases the chances of merchant success by giving them tools to simplify business processes. Many of these vital processes will be too tiring and complete resources to be completed without the support of modern POS systems.